Heavy rains? Look out for downed trees, wires

The Road Commission for Kalamazoo County is warning motorists to avoid standing water in roadways after severe storms. If possible, a commission spokesperson urges, turn around.

“Storm drains are often unable to manage the quantity of rain that falls during heavy rains and storms,” said Communications Administrator Sarah Phillips. It may be for a short time, but it could last for a few days, she warned. Residents should remove leaves sticks and other debris from storm drains to reduce street or yard flooding.

Motorists should also be watchful for washout of road shoulders as well as downed trees and downed electrical wires. When live wires are near downed trees, the county crews must wait for utility crews to remove or disconnect the wires.

The commission will move fallen trees from roadways for property owner’s use or disposal, except where the county owns the entire right of way. A pink flag will be left near the relocated tree telling property owners to contact the commission within 15 days for removal options. Owners may ask that the tree be cut and stacked near the right of way or that it be removed. Trees and brush not relocated are the property owner’s responsibility.

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