Breaking up is hard to do

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

That was the title of an old song
Her boyfriend had moved on, you see,
The singer was crying the blues
But Honey, there are more fish in the sea.

I broke up with pantyhose
They made my legs look smooth,
To get a sleek look, I wiggled and squirmed
It took lots of effort to get in the groove.

Now we wear knee-highs with slacks
They tell me that bare legs are in style,
Don’t forget to shave your legs
If you are planning to beguile.

I left Toni … the guy with the home perms
Girls had to have a curly hair style,
Now, all ages brush it out straight
No bobby-pins or rollers, make me smile.

Grandma had a mending box
To buy new, we didn’t have the means,
She could have saved herself the trouble
Stores now sell holes and rips in our jeans.

Is your ironing collecting dust?
Thank goodness for wash and wear clothes,
On Tuesdays I used to iron all day
What will they think of next … who knows?

When’s the last time you made donuts?
Rolling the dough, cutting the holes?
Now we just drive to the bakery
And purchase a bag of delicious rolls.

So many necessities have disappeared
Yes, breaking up is hard to do,
But one thing I’ll never relinquish
Is my lasting friendship with you.

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