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Kirk Bergland, quilter.

Quilter Kirk Bergland, joining us Nov. 9, was born in Burbank, California and grew up in Van Nuys. His needlework hobbies began in his teens with beadwork he stitched on native American costumes and moccasins. The art of quilting was soon to follow.

Shortly after he married his wife Kelly, the couple moved to Santa Clarita, California. Kirk joined the local quilt guild. Along with creating award-winning quilts and coordinating events and promotions for the organization, he began teaching math concepts through quilting at his children’s elementary school. For many years, Kirk devoted two Fridays each month to third through sixth grade classes. Affectionately known as “Mr. B,” he worked with each class as they designed and stitched their creations. The quilts were then presented to their teachers for classroom display.

Kirk and Kelley moved to Schoolcraft nine years ago. He has spent those years showing and sharing his work. He is lovingly finishing a quilt his wife’s mother started, as well as working to complete a LARGE pile of UFO’s…unfinished projects. 

Kirk’s work is quite varied in style, color and pattern. Each piece tells its own story. Kirk says, “Whether stitched by hand or machine, it is love that holds a quilt together.”

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