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Local MD promotes standing desk, builds one

By David Schriemer

Lloyd Appell, MD, came to Vicksburg in 1957 and practiced family medicine here until 1999. Shortly after arriving here, his wife Grace noticed he was stacking up medical books to create a surface to chart on while standing. She commissioned a podium to be made, effectively creating a standing desk, before standing desks were invented. This saved wear and tear on his back and knees for about 40 years.

In his retirement, the podium continued to be used by his younger partner, Dr. David Schriemer, first with paper charts and then with a laptop. Lloyd, who is a creative and skilled wood worker, got word that Dr. Evan Fitzgerald, who joined the practice three years ago, admired the podium. Dr. Appell thought Dr. Fitzgerald should have his own podium on which to chart, and that it was fitting and proper that he should make it for him. With great care and expertise, Lloyd made a replica of his old podium so that Dr. Fitzgerald could also chart while standing.

“I’m glad to make a tiny contribution to the practice of which I am an alumnus,” says Lloyd humbly. For his part, a grateful Dr. Evan Fitzgerald said, “I hope my career has even half of the impact and longevity of Dr. Appell’s. Maybe it will save my back so I can play golf regularly at age 93 too!”

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