My funny joke

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

Some of you may remember this story
As you get a silly grin,
Others might not have heard it yet
So I’ll give it one more spin.

I slipped on my son’s patio step
To the hospital, the ambulance flew,
With a fractured kneecap and elbow
And mangled ear, they fixed with Super Glue!

With pins and wires, doc repaired my knee
And a sling supported my arm,
Eventually, I was moved with a big brace
To re-hab, glad that I didn’t “Buy the Farm.”

Each day, the aides got me up
A therapist asked questions
But I didn’t want to talk,
With one girl pushing my oxygen tank
Limping with a walker, they had me walk.

One day she quietly asked me …
“Do you have sex on your porch, Dear?”
Facetiously I answered, “Not very often.”
That’s not what she wanted to hear.

So she repeated a bit louder,
“Do you have STEPS on your porch?”
“Your first reply was fine, Honey.”
We were all laughing, because it was funny.

Someone had spread the story around
The doc even knew about the activity on my porch,
Silly get-well cards began to arrive
I’m just thankful that I survived.

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