Too many choices

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

As a product of the “Great Depression”
I’m a “Use it up, wear it out” kind of girl,
My powder compact was scraped to the corners
The soft shade used to be, “Luscious Pearl.”

Time to go shopping for a new one
But, Oh, my … too many choices were there,
Finally I found a nice, peachy shade
That will be fine, nobody will care.

When I got home, I cut off the seal
Now that wasn’t easy to do,
Like a child-proof pill bottle is frustrating
I’d pry it off eventually, I knew.

Oh shoot … it was powder with sparkles
That certainly wasn’t made for me,
The seal was broken … couldn’t take it back
But being frugal, I’ll use it … you’ll see.

I’m hoping that nobody will notice. Please
Don’t call me “Sparkle Plenty” or “Tinkerbell”
I’ll glow with a Mona Lisa smile
My friends understand me well
And I will utter, “What the heck.”

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