Lending a hand with hair

By Alex Lee

Vicksburg barber Nick DeVito has a soft spot in his heart for kids. Until recently, he had a considerable amount of hair on his head for them too. A recent call for human hair donations for a Vicksburg resident in need of a wig set Nick to thinking about donating.

Response was so strong that when Nick was ready to put his plan into action, donations had already exceeded the local need. But the need for human hair for wigs is ongoing. Nick found an organization, Wigs for Kids, that for more than 40 years has been assisting kids who lose their hair through the difficult fight with cancer. “These wigs help kids feel and look a little more like themselves and take off some of the pressure of being a kid, and fitting in, while they are literally in a fight for their lives,” Nick said.

Nick recruited his friend, Ken Isaacson, to join him in making life better for someone who could use their help. They met at Nick’s Barbershop on a cool April morning to, as Nick describes it, “do something we can be proud of.” Nick would remove and style Ken’s hair, and Mandy Miller of the next-door Cutting Edge Salon would cut and style Nick’s.

In 40 minutes, the job was done and somewhere in this sometimes-difficult world someone’s life will take a turn for the better. More information about Wigs for Kids is at wigsforkids.org.

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