Age is the joker

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

It’s a proven fact
That everyone in good health,
Doesn’t feel their age.

One day you look in the mirror
And can’t believe what you see,
Each time you turn a new page.

I have a dear friend
Who will be turning eighty soon,
She’s really bothered by the thought.

To accept the inevitable
Is a ridiculous conception,
Everlasting youth is what she sought.

But she’s secretly shedding tears
Wondering, how could that happen?
You’re as young as you feel, I’ve been told.

I told her the reason for her conundrum
All her life, she thought 80 was old,
She sits here sadly, trying to be bold.

I know exactly how she feels
There’s more fun ahead to enjoy,
The calendar actually says I’m 97.

That’s a crazy age to be,
Inside, I’m only 63 … and still me,
I’m not ready to go to heaven!

So when you reach 81
Smile … don’t frown, you can feel 18,
The secret that I have found
Is to just turn your birthday candles around!

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