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A jam-packed July

Greetings from all of us at the South County News. As this dry weather stretches on, farmers and gardeners are watching the sky, praying for a much-needed rain. I sure hope some lovely summer showers happen soon. The rabbit population in our neighborhood has been thriving, and several tiny ones dart and weave through the flowers as I water. I watch for them every time I work my way around the gardens, wondering if they have survived the perils of cats, owls and hawks for another day. So far they have!

There are so many things to look forward to in July: the bursting of color in area gardens, Schoolcraft’s 4th of July parade and activities, and Vicksburg Lions Club B&B Festival are just a few.

We hope you enjoy our July edition. We have included information about area events, updates about our schools and villages as well as the regular columns you have come to expect.

Attention Schoolcraft Township residents!

By now, you should have received the township’s newsletter. If you didn’t receive one, please contact the township office or go to to view the newsletter. Township officials are considering converting to a charter township and are asking residents to take an online survey.

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