A luncheon to remember Delma Pelikan

Delma Pelikan, left, was posthumously honored for her volunteerism and culinary skill.

By Aurelia H. Reed

Volunteers bring with them many different skills, talents and knowledge. They share those abilities in many unique ways. One of those special volunteers was Delma Pelikan. She loved to cook and she shared her culinary talents with the South County Community Services program for disabled adults.

To honor her memory the “Wednesday Winners” invited her husband, Richard, and her granddaughter, Miranda, to a special luncheon at Main Street Pub.

Many memories were shared: Heather MaKohn remembered her “Buttered Noodles” that no one could duplicate. Maribeth Yankoe remembered her famous Halloween “Goul-lash”. Shelly Howarth loved her fried chicken. Kelsey Hudson mentioned that her place mat said “Delma’s Diner” on it, and Jack Parsons noticed that she proudly wore the apron on which they had all signed their names. Jay Lunn was sure that she always won at Bingo, while Chani MacKay loved her hugs. Bethany Branch enjoyed showing Delma her watch. The other “Wednesday Winners” volunteers remembered the afghans that she crocheted and the crafts that she gave as Christmas gifts. Many loving memories flowed throughout the luncheon.

Delma Pelikan, like so many other volunteers, shared her knowledge, skills and talents. She prepared wonderful meals, gifted her hobbies and shared lots of kindness. She lives on in our memories.

Delma Pelikan died Nov. 6, 2022, at the age of 83. Besides Wednesday Winners, she had volunteered at the Senior Center of Vicksburg for more than a decade, worked election nights for Schoolcraft Township, and was a member of the Ladies Library of Schoolcraft and the Red Hat Society.

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