Schoolcraft athletic facilities get improvements too

By Mark Blentlinger

Major work on Schoolcraft Community School’s buildings isn’t limited to the buildings, including the new elementary school.

Improvements are coming to the district’s athletic facilities.

You may have also noticed the new tennis courts now on the corner of the west entrance of the high school.

One of the most anticipated improvements is to the football stadium, Roy H. Davis field.

The berm that used to encase the stadium has been removed. The field and track and visitor bleachers are gone to make room for a new track. The starting chute has been moved from the south end to the north end of the stadium.

New areas are also being added for the field events. The field is being made wider to also be used by the district’s soccer teams. New lights are being added. A new sound system will be installed, and a major overhaul on the concession stand and bathrooms will take place.

A new entrance gate is also being added so fans will no longer walk through the concession stand to enter the stadium.

It takes time. Schoolcraft football teams aren’t expected to play in the new stadium until the 2024-25 season.

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