Sock it to me!

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

While getting dressed this morning
I got fancy socks of red, white and blue,
Perfect for 4th of July, I thought
They aren’t used often, so look brand new.

For years, my stash of socks grew
Friends started bringing them to me,
My doctor always has a comment
I pick with care, so many I could wear.

There are orange with pumpkins
Green ones, with Christmas trees,
Some are knee-high too
So in January I won’t freeze.

Some have tiny beach umbrellas
And others have flip-flops on the cuff,
My dresser drawer runneth over
One would think, “That’s enough.”

Tinkerbell came from Disneyworld
I thought the dryer had eaten it,
But later, found it in a pillow-case
She was still pretty, with wings of lace.

My grandson gave me some with Dr. Seuss
With, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”
And, “The Cat and the Hat”
Even, “Red Fish, Blue fish,” don’tcha know?

Then there’s a pair of teabags
That’s very appropriate for me,
You can find me any day of the year
Sipping a cup of Earl Grey tea.

I have several with giraffes
That can be worn any day of the week,
And I love “Snoopy and Woodstock”
Some folks may think I’m a geek.

You’d laugh, if you only knew
Some of the silly things I’ve done,
But each of us have idiosyncrasies
It’s okay to grin and pursue some fun.

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