Stephanie Chapin celebrates 45 years with KCSB

Kalamazoo County State Bank (KCSB) has honored Loan Clerk Stephanie Chapin for her 45 years of service.

“While Kalamazoo County State Bank is celebrating our 115th Anniversary this year, Stephanie is also celebrating a significant milestone with our bank,” said D. Scott Hines, the bank’s president and CEO.

Chapin joined KCSB “when she was a senior in high school and has made banking her lifelong career,” Hines said. “Today, Stephanie is responsible for preparing documents for our business, agriculture and consumer loans. Lending is a major part of our business at KCSB, and it takes employees like Stephanie to help our customers throughout their financial journey with our bank.”

Stephanie Chapin began her career in 1977 as a part-time employee in bookkeeping, started working full-time in the following year, and wore many hats in the bank’s computer department before becoming a loan clerk in 1997.

She acknowledged she’s seen many changes. “It has been interesting to see how technology has progressed over the time I have been here. It just amazes me what services we can offer today like online banking, mobile banking and mobile deposit. We also have many more regulations to protect our customers.”

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