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Vicksburg Council thanks outgoing Arts Center head

Kimm Mayer and Alisha Siebers at the 2023 Tournament of Writers Reception. Photo by Audrey Seilheimer.

By Jef Rietsma

With heavy hearts, Vicksburg Village Council members said goodbye to Alisha Siebers, director of the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center.

Siebers was feted at the council’s Aug. 21 meeting, recognized for two-plus years as head of the center. She has taken a job with Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

Siebers thanked the council for the recognition and provided a melancholic look back at her time with the Cultural Arts Center.

“What a wonderful job this has been! Who else gets to do so many fun things that I’ve gotten to do over the last two years?” she said. “I had a really interesting position in my role because I got to work with so many people from Vicksburg. My job was kind of an ambassador for the arts … I got to sit in on all kinds of committees and help plan things with people from all different walks of life in Vicksburg.”

Siebers said the village is fortunate to have so many people willing to volunteer when the need for volunteers presents itself.

“I noticed over these last two years the heart of the people in Vicksburg, how generous they are, how many people volunteer in so many capacities throughout the community,” she said. “It’s not just one or two people doing everything, it’s a lot of people joining together to do the work.”

Council member Gail Reisterer remembered meeting Siebers and the first impression Siebers left.

“When I met you, immediately you give off this air of confidence and enthusiasm, and I am just so happy for you but very sad for us,” Reisterer said. “You brought so much vibrancy to the arts and I’m so grateful to you for that.”

Village President Tim Frisbie said he, too, remembers meeting Siebers and how she didn’t tell him what she was going to do as director. He said she asked questions about their vision and what the council wants to see.

Village Manager Jim Mallery said Siebers was a critical member of the committee that ultimately led to the village organizing its ‘Burg Days of Summer weekly program that started in June.

In other action, Mallery said the village is in receipt of large-screen televisions that will be set up on stands in various points around the downtown social district. He said plans call for the screens to make their debut September 7, to coincide with the NFL season opener, featuring the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs, defending Super Bowl champs.

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