Are you fickle, too?

By Marilyn Jones, Schoolcraft’s Poet Laureate

If you knew that I have a beau
Most of you would think it’s funny,
I’m usually ready when he calls
Quite often, he bubbles over with money.

I especially like him to start my day
At my table with his warm smile,
After relaxing with him for awhile
It feels that I could run a ten-minute mile.

And he always makes me feel good
If you’d like to know, his name is Earl,
We’re going steady and he warms my heart
‘Cause I’m an easy-to-please kind of girl.

In the afternoon, I sometimes get drowsy
And think that I’ll need a pick-me-up,
So my friend and I share a cookie
After I get out a pretty cup.

I’ve had several other favorites
But this one, I crave every day,
It’s a habit I can’t live without
Are you curious about his last name?

It’s Grey.

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