Schoolcraft schools change addresses

By Travis Smola

Schoolcraft Schools Superintendent Rick Frens announced the community’s schools have listed new street addresses with local governments and emergency responders.

Frens said it was an unusual technicality in village ordinances and Google maps caused the old address to show locations about two blocks away from where the new buildings are not. While that’s not a big deal for community residents, he also explained why they worked quickly to resolve the issue.

“Most people know where the high school is, and the elementary building. But emergency vehicles may not,” Frens said. “So, we had to work with dispatch, and we had to work with the road commission, we had to work with the village and the township.”

While it wasn’t a simple process to change addresses, Frens said the issue has been resolved. The new addresses are 13400 South 14th Street for the high school and 13300 South 14th Street address for the elementary. Both have already been updated on the school’s website.

In his superintendent’s report, Frens also briefly addressed the situation with the football stadium construction that has continued into the season. The team has been traveling to Vicksburg for their home games and soccer has been playing at the baseball field. He noted that all the affected parties have been extremely flexible with a difficult situation.

“Our students, our coaches, our athletes are taking a positive spin on the situation,” Fens said. “Vicksburg have been gracious hosts. It’s a nice facility that they have.”

In other news, the board selected Trustee Randy Blankenship to represent the board at the Michigan Association of School Board’s annual leadership conference in November. The board also approved a proposal for the addition of a ski racing club, a separate group from the existing ski club.

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