Something’s Brewing in Downtown Vicksburg

Heather Turner and Cindy Galbraith.

By Alex Lee

Something’s Brewing bills itself as Kalamazoo’s original coffee house. According to co-owner Heather Turner, the whole thing started when her mother, Cindy Galbraith, “a beautiful, strong, loving woman decided to buy a quirk little purple shop on South Street in Kalamazoo a little more than 10 years ago and open a coffee shop.” Heather adds, “She’s the glue in our partnership, the dough behind the cinnamon rolls, the crust behind the quiche, and the sass behind the bar.” Heather’s interest in opening a shop in Vicksburg comes from living in the area and being excited about the events in Vicksburg and all the improvements downtown. “We did a pop-up event in Silo Chic during an event last year,” she says, “and it’s the first time we sold out of everything we had.”

Coffee’s social element seems to have waned over the years with the advent of drive-through windows and the expansion of almost everyone, including gas stations, having the brew available to accommodate our fast-paced lifestyles. Cindy explains, “When we are at our best in Kalamazoo the shop is full of people who work downtown, hospital staff, police and neighborhood folks sharing greetings and kind words each day. And that is the vision for our Vicksburg location.”

While coffee will be the backbone of the operation the assortment of pastries and treats is not to be overlooked. Reviewing their daily selections on their Facebook page is sure to intrigue your tastebuds. From a “Not Cinnamon Roll,” stuffed with sausage gravy, melty cheese and crispy seasoned potatoes, to pepperoni rolls and peach crumble bars, and on to something known as, “Summery Zucchini Whoopie Pies,” chances are good you’ll be leaving with more than coffee. Cindy says, “I taught Heather everything I know in the kitchen, and her creativity takes over from there.”

This dynamic duo plans to do a soft opening, or two, before being in full operation before the upcoming holiday season. Heather says, “I’ll need a couple of test runs doing what we do in Kalamazoo on a 40-foot counter on a six-foot counter in Vicksburg, The new shop will be located within the Silo Chic store on Main Street in downtown Vicksburg, giving customers a bigger city shopping opportunity in our safe and friendly small town. The new business hopes to work with the village to have complimentary outdoor seating in the future.”

Hours are still being decided but an early opening to accommodate teachers is likely. The successful partners also hinted at Vicksburg being a test market for things including a “Take N Bake” option. Heather adds, “The ways in which the businesses support each other, work together, and welcome newcomers is amazing!” The benefits of Vicksburg’s recent upgrades in the downtown continue to keep the community thriving.

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