Welcome to winter in South County

Several months ago, one of our readers emailed me about a sweet experience. When she was walking her dog, a woman stopped to give her dog a treat. Our reader didn’t have the woman’s name, but said that it was so nice, and that this happened numerous times. She said she would try to get this person’s name and get back to me. I mentioned it at a monthly business meeting, and I had forgotten about it.

Last month the name of this mystery woman became clear to our board: Jan Haas. Jan died last December, and as members of our board talked about her, we realized it was Jan who was stopping at various times around the village to give dogs special treats. My first memory of Jan is her volunteerism with the Vicksburg Ambulance Service. Her acts of kindness towards canines and humans are many, and I am thankful that I knew her.

Several weeks ago, we had our first significant snowfall of the year. Several pictures of area children at play appear on this page. I hope it reminds you of the joy of snow play.

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2022 is here

The majestic bald eagle. Photo by Jeanne Church.

Happy New Year from all of us at the South County News. As I unwrap and begin a new calendar, twelve blank pages await, reminding me of new beginnings and fresh starts. Many opportunities and new experiences await us all in 2022.

Last week I spotted a bald eagle as I was driving west on Prairie Street toward downtown Vicksburg. It circled around and landed at the top of a tall pine, like a star on top of a tree, on North Main Street. I parked, stood by my car and watched it sit calmly surveying the village. I have seen several bald eagles in the last few years, and their increasing presence in our area is always inspiring. Their recovery from endangerment in the 1970s to their repopulation today is proof to me of the benefits of careful protection and conservation. I stood there for several minutes – unfortunately I didn’t have my camera or my phone. This spotting within the village limits makes me wonder how many times I have missed them! Blogger and columnist Jeanne Church shared a picture of a bald eagle taken during a Florida vacation. Jeanne, of course, captures its beauty and majesty with her camera and artistic sensitivity.

Schoolcraft resident, Deb Christiansen, shared information about a program through the Historical Society of Michigan called “Heritage Home.” This program “recognizes houses that were constructed at least 100 years ago with a custom-made cast aluminum plaque that bears the name of the home’s original owner and its year of construction.” There is an application process involving paperwork and a $395 fee. For questions and more information, contact Deb Christiansen at amethystisland@gmail.com.

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Wishing you a joyful holiday season

Seasons greetings from all of us at the South County News! We hope you enjoy our December issue, filled with stories about local people and area happenings.

It’s starting to look and feel like Christmas. Multiple storefronts in our villages are decorated, some homes are strung with Christmas lights, and lovely Christmas trees glow in many windows.

We urge you to spend some of your gift-giving dollars at our local businesses – you will find many advertisements for various retailers and service providers in this edition.

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