Village President’s Response to the Citizens of Vicksburg

By Village President Bill Adams

The Vicksburg Village Council continued an energetic discussion Wednesday evening July 10, 2013, on its five strategies for this year:

  1. Maximize funding opportunities for Village projects and infrastructure improvements
  2. Integrate advanced technology communications for Village businesses and residents
  3. Redevelop the Mill of South County
  4. Develop a business plan for the golf course
  5. Enhance opportunities for youth

For each strategy the Council created an action plan for implementation, and next will create timelines and assign responsibilities for each effort. The strategic planning effort is instrumental in the new Council’s effort to capture the community needs and begin the process for greater oversight, accountability and communications for building a strong and robust community.

This year the focus will be in five main areas that will focus on cost cutting objectives and identifying additional funding sources for Village projects; enhance public communications; increase the tax base with redevelopment projects including the Mill; enhance revenue generation and efficient operation of the golf course; and increase recreational opportunities to maintain a strong sense of community. All of these efforts will integrate new review and oversight processes for fiscal accountability and growth.

Recent improvements in internal controls include the following:

  1. Review and approval of all expenses by the appropriate manager.
  2. A review of all golf course payments will now be conducted by the Village Council by adding all expenses to the warrant report.
  3. A review of segregation of duties and responsibilities among the Treasurer, Village Clerk, Village Manager and Council to maintain proper oversight.

I’ve indicated these changes have been implemented as a result of the Council’s desire to improve internal controls and prevent future overspending related to the construction of the Angels Crossing clubhouse and other areas that have negatively impacted the Village’s ability to fund various projects. The Council has been working with the task of finding monies for needed infrastructure projects in the future. The Council agreed that greater control and oversight is needed as we continue efforts to balance duties and authority among the treasurer, clerk, and the future village manager. The strategic planning process has helped the new

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