High school mascot history: Why a Bulldog? Why an Eagle?

By Mary Ruple

In ancient times, many organizations, tribes, and communities selected a mascot in order to bring them luck and serve as a symbol of who they were and what they stood for.

During the 1800s when many schools and universities were founded, the administrators carried on this tradition. Today, mascots are most commonly associated with high school and college sports teams.

However, in many cases, mascots also serve as a symbol of an entire school district or academic institution. Vicksburg High School and Schoolcraft High School are no exception to this rule. So why exactly did these schools select their respective mascots. Why did Vicksburg High School choose a bulldog as their mascot? Why did Schoolcraft High School choose and eagle as their mascot?

Upon researching these questions, it was concluded that there is no clear answer. This is mostly because the answer to these questions predates anyone’s recollection in the communities.

When the schools were founded decades ago, one of the first tasks assigned to the school boards were to select a school mascot. Like all high schools, colleges, and universities that have been founded, it can be assumed that Vicksburg High School and Schoolcraft High School selected a mascot for three reasons: to bring the academic institution and sports teams good luck, to serve as a symbol of what their academic institutions that sports teams represent, and to fit into mainstream society. Simply, these school districts chose a mascot because every other school district in the area, state, and country were doing it.

This brings us back to the two questions originally posed. Why a bulldog? Why an eagle?

It can be argued that both of these schools boards wanted to select a mascot that was unique to the qualities, personalities, and goals of their academic institution and sports teams.

It is very possible that Vicksburg High School selected the bulldog as a mascot because it represented loyalty, strength, intelligence, stability, and power.

It is very possible that Schoolcraft High School selected the eagle as a mascot because it represents strength, courage, wisdom, agility, and spirituality.

Although we can never be sure exactly why these mascots were selected, it is safe to say that they were selected with care and good reason when both of the school districts were founded.

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