Curves in Vicksburg to Celebrate Third Anniversary

A Happy Birthday Open House will top off three years of Vicksburg Curves ownership by Bev Birchmeier.

vicksburg curvesIt will be a chance for her to “give back to the community,” as the theme of the day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday, October 21 at 124 E. Prairie Street.

They will be collecting donations of food items or money for South County Community Services and Generous Hands all day long, Birchmeier says.

Another donation will be made to the American Cancer Society in the form of a workout $10 punch card anyone can purchase, and the proceeds will go to breast cancer research.

On a less serious note, Birchmeier will crown the “Last Queen Standing” an honor that goes to the patron who has lost the most weight over a sixweek time period during the last year. The 2013 winner is Marilyn Brownell, who shed eight pounds recently. Sarah Bauserman won in 2012 with a loss of approximately 10 pounds, and the big winner in 2011 was Carol Doxey, who slimmed down by 14 pounds in six weeks and 130 all total over the year. Doxey is now the assistant manager of Curves.

Healthy snacks, door prizes and a tour of the facility will be available all day to anyone interested, Birchmeier says. “We are honored to be part of a program that can help the women of our surrounding community lead healthier lives,” she reiterates. “It has been gratifying to see members boost their self-confidence, drop dress sizes and even reduce medications, cholesterol and high blood pressure as well as make amazing connections within the Curves community.”

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