Tobey Elementary Reports to the Vicksburg School Board

By Sue MooreScreen shot 2013-12-05 at 5.50.20 AM

“We are holding our own, despite the pressures of the last few years,” according to Steve Goss, assistant superintendent in the Vicksburg School system, as he explained the audit results from BDO for the years 2012/13.

He remarked that it was smooth sailing with no audit adjustments, resulting in a clean or unqualified opinion.  The audit helps to understand the long-term prospects of the school district, both its assets and liabilities, Goss told the Board.

The meeting was held at Tobey elementary school, featuring a report from Principal Mike Barwegen.  The motto the school recently adopted was “Retake the Hill” in response to the drop off in one year of the achievement gap from 2011 to 2012 on the state’s MEAP test.

Barwegen went on to explain the school-parent compact for how parents, staff and students will share the responsibility for improved academic achievement in effect for the current school year.

Tobey Elementary will provide:

  • High quality curriculum and instruction.
  • Parent teacher conferences.
  • Parents with report cards.
  • Parents reasonable access to staff.
  • Parents the opportunity to volunteer.

We as parents will support our children’s learning in the following wasy:

  • Work as a partner with my child’s teacher to ensure my child’s education.
  • Support and model the “Tobey Way”.
  • Create an environment that enhances my child’s education.

We as students will support our education in the following ways:

  • Take responsibility for learning by completing assignments, finishing homework and working hard.
  • Follow the “Tobey Way”.
  • Pursue my learning with enthusiasm.

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