Kyle Dury Leaves the Vicksburg Village Council after Four Years

By Sue Moore

Kyle DuryAfter serving four years on the Vicksburg Village Council, Kyle Dury submitted his resignation in January, effective immediately.  He lauded the remaining members of the governing body, saying he has “great hope for the future of the Village with the current members and its leadership.”

He listed the many initiatives that have begun under the leadership of President Bill Adams in 2013 including:

  1. Seeing the Village’s books balanced and the audit completed.
  2. Seeing that the village has been run more like a business in the last year.
  3. Participating in Village meetings that are run on a businesslike basis.
    a. We have staff meetings with agendas that we follow with reporting back responsibilities
    b. We make critical assumptions and run them through the decision making process for checks and balances
  4. Seeing that staff and elected officials are accountable for their part of the business.

He further elaborated in his statement that he has gone from being frustrated when he joined the council in 2009 to great hope for the future of the Village and what he was most proud of accomplishing during his tenure:

As the Village representative on the South County Fire Authority and getting their books to balance along with having the future of this Authority working on sound financial footing for the foreseeable future.

Having helped develop a plan for replacement of the vehicles and their maintenance so the Authority doesn’t face big costs in one lump sum on a particular year.

He also listed some of the items still left on the agenda to be accomplished:

  1. Infrastructure rebuilt through bonding
  2. Golf course get on a self-sustaining basis
  3. See the strategic plan through to reality

He expects to stay involved in the financial analysis of the Angels Crossing golf course, to the completion of the proposed business plan through the end of January.

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