Common Bond Party Was a Hit

By Carolynn Zinsmaster

Megan O’Leary and Courtney Balcom attended the Common Bond party. (photo by Amy Green)

Schoolcraft’s Common Bond held an event with arts, crafts, music, pizza and Wii fun.

Middle and High School students participated in activities, made new friends, and had a great time. Teacher Amy Green, was a major help with Common Bond.

“All the kids get to hang out with each other doing different activities,” Green said of her favorite part of Common Bond. “Everyone has a friend and there are no barriers.”
Michelle Bache’s favorite part of the Common Bond event was playing Wii Sports and dancing.

Courtney Balcom said she had fun with everything, and that she always enjoys these events.

Common Bond is all about having a fun time and making everyone feel included. It is a great lesson that can be taken into everyday life, and with an open mind, you may see that alI students have much to teach us about loving life, loving one another and having a good time.

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