The Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Raises $800

By Morgan Macfarlane

The Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Middle School Dance raised $800 and collected five huge boxes of toys and gift cards for children in the Bronson Pediatric Oncology Clinic.

For the last two years, a middle school dance has been held for Paxton Green, a cancer survivor. This year, with the help of Superintendent Dr. Rusty Stitt, Green held a dance to raise money and gather toys and gift cards for other children with cancer.

“Gold is the color of children’s cancer,” says Green. “That is why everyone was given gold beads to wear.”

While Paxton didn’t plan the dance alone, to the volunteers who helped she was more than the inspiration behind it.

“I’m glad to be a part of it.,” says Stitt. “Paxton is a trooper, someone whom we can all be inspired by with her courage and perseverance. I hope to keep her story going.”

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