Festival Events Change But Recipe and Volunteers Remain the Same

doug s
Doug Stafinski is the long-time Summer Festival general chairman.

While events scheduled for the Lions Club annual B&B Festival have changed over four decades, some things have remained the same such as the recipes and longtime volunteers.

The Saturday parade was eliminated years ago because of failing attendance, according to Doug Stafinski, but recent additions include the horseshoe pitching contest and the corn hole tournament have been very successful.

What hasn’t changed since the B&B’s inception is the recipe for the sauerkraut, said main cook, John Polasek. It’s a secret recipe from Otto Kaak, founder of the festival.

“We cooked 1600 pounds of brats last year and those, too, are a secret recipe created by John Fink,” Polacek said.

Since 2011, the beer selection has been Miller along with Leinenkugel.

Four men from the Lions Club were around for the original B&B 41 years ago and also the 60th anniversary of the Club they are celebrating this year. They include Paul Schutter, Roland Peach, Bob Merrill, and Don Ramer.

Others who have served as committee chairs for many years include Nellie Pierson, tickets; Bob Allison, set-up; and newer members Brett Grossman, in charge of the horseshoe tourney; Alice Galovan, publicity; Eric Stafinski, volleyball; Bobby Poveda and Ryan Bright, who are in charge of the corn hole tournament as volunteers even though they are not Lions Club members.

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