Athletic Training Facility Opens in Vicksburg

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Matt Gorham in his Gorham Performance facility on Portage Road in Vicksburg.

Matt Gorham of Schoolcraft, has dreamed of having his own facility to pursue his passion for helping kids improve and succeed in athletics. The dream has finally come true. He and his wife Ashlee have renovated a building at 13562 Portage Road in Vicksburg and opened the doors to athletes in November.

The look and feel of the new Gorham Performance training facility is clean and calm. Featuring black and white pictures on the walls, the décor gives Gorham Performance that sense of professionalism that is needed in today’s athletic world, Matt believes. Thanks to a roster of existing clients, the new facility was put to work right away, training athletes who had already signed up with Gorham to improve their athleticism. While the physical results have been remarkable he said, it’s the personal rewards of helping kids improve which keeps him going.

His sports performance training facility includes space and equipment geared toward an athlete performing well within their respective sport such as speed and agility training, weight training, and many other characteristics that make an athlete better. One half of the facility is artificial turf used for speed and agility training. Tools such as bungees, ladders, bands, and hurdles are used to improve foot work, explosiveness, and overall quickness. A weight room occupies the other half. It’s equipped with free weights, machines, exercise bikes, and squat racks. Leg and pulley machines are also available.

“Having this facility gives me more opportunities to help athletes see good gains and reach their goals much faster,” Gorham said. “By offering speed and agility sessions, coupled with weight training sessions, I believe that athletes will be able to improve by following a structured program catering to the time of the year, developmental stage of the athlete, and the athlete’s goals.” He works with all ages, the earlier the better, he says, to keep kids from developing bad habits in running and exercising.

“This is a family,” said Gorham, who grew up in Downriver Detroit. “I always tell everyone that works with me to plan to grow old with me. I stay as involved in their lives the best that I can. I truly care for each person I train and will do whatever I can to help them.”

When he graduated from high school, Gorham started coaching basketball and track and field while going to college. While in college, he coached every level including Jr. Pro basketball (3-6 graders) through high school varsity basketball, junior college basketball at KVCC with Coach Ron Welch, and even training four-year university level club track and field.

In 2007, the most talented runner Gorham ever coached asked Matt to help him get faster for his high school senior season of football. “That kid could’ve worked with any coach from his past and he came to me. I’ll never forget that.” Gorham started training one athlete, the next year it was three, the next year it was seven, then 15, then 31, and now he has a location between Vicksburg and Schoolcraft to serve athletes from all over the area.

The last couple of years, Gorham even trained college football graduates for their NFL Pro Days and Regional Combines. “Combine training is definitely a passion of mine,” said Gorham. “I hope to be the most sought out combine trainer in the Mid-West.”

It took four months of hard work to get the building suitable for their grand opening. “We were so fortunate to have the help and support of so many friends and family,” Gorham said. “It was a true blessing. People wanted to help and wanted to see us succeed. We can’t thank them enough.”

Their website is at or call (269) 492-4397 for additional information.

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Matt Gorham works his athletes out on many different strength and conditioning machines.


Alongside the renovated Gorham Performance building, the Gorham’s manage ARMO Storage, which came with the large building. They have a variety of different unit sizes and are also open for business. “This was definitely the icing on the cake,” Gorham said. That website is at or call at (269) 365-3268 for additional information.

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