Big Red Machine Serenades the Bruce and Rachel Dow Family

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Standing in front of the band from left to right are drum majors Richie Livingston, Whitney Dinzik, Rachel and Bruce Dow in the red jackets, Brad Dow, Vanessa Rankin (drum major), and Art Booth on the saxophone. Rachel and Bruce Dow enjoyed a serenade from the Vicksburg High School Big Red Machine marching band at their home near Tobey school on November 15. They were able to make a donation to the band through bidding on the visit in a silent auction held by the band at the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, over a year ago. Their winning bid helped in a small way to purchase the new uniforms the band was wearing upon their arrival in the Dows’ subdivision. The Dows’ son, Brad, has played trombone in the band for four years and is a section leader, so the couple has taken an intense interest in helping to support the bands’ activities. On this day, they were just proud to have the neighborhood enjoy the great music in front of their home at 6325 Thistlewood. Bruce had asked Band Director Ben Rosier to play for any of the neighbors who came out of their homes to listen, as the band marched through the streets in the area. They became like the Pied Pipers, collecting friends all along the way. “This is not something you see every day,” proclaimed Rachel Dow as the band departed from their home. She was enthralled, just as the neighbors were.

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