Vicksburg Varsity Volleyball Advanced to Regionals

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Olivia Welch was greeted with admiring fans on senior day in Vicksburg. Standing in back of her are Shannon Scott and Natalie Glaes.

With the Wolverine Conference title under their belt, the Vicksburg High School Varsity volleyball team, coached by Katrina Miller, immediately set up to score the Class B District title. Advancing to the Regional competition against Buchanan at Edwardsburg High School, both teams were flanked by enthusiastic student and parent sections. In the first game, the Bulldogs started off behind, but came back to lead mid-way through the set. In a back-and-forth fight for the lead, the Bulldogs came within one, but ended with the loss at 23-25.

Game two had the Bulldogs coming out strong with a 7-3 lead. The Bucks fought back and the teams shared tied scores or one point leads through half of the game. Vicksburg dug deep and pulled ahead to capture the win 25-19.

As the third match began, the Lady Dawgs struggled, falling as many as 7 points behind late in the game with a score of 16-23. Demonstrating how they had achieved their success this season, Vicksburg pulled within 3, but took the loss in the end 21-25.

Knowing that their season was on the line, the Bulldogs commanded the beginning of the fourth set, leading 14-6. The Bucks, wanting to pull off a win with the fourth game, worked to within one at 16-15. Vicksburg held on to their lead, landing the victory 25-22.

With the energy and pressure filling the room, the deciding 15-point game had a heartbreaking start for Vicksburg as they fell behind 0-8. Determined not to give up, the Lady Dawgs crawled their way back to within one at 10-11. Ultimately, despite coming back from an 8-point deficit, Vicksburg took the disappointing loss to the Bucks 11-15, losing the match 2-3.

Senior Olivia Welch, who broke a school record earlier in the season achieving over 1,000 kills, was an unending asset to the Bulldogs in this Regional competition tallying 25 kills, 19 digs, and 3 aces. Adding to the hard-fought battle were seniors Shannon Scott with 14 kills, 14 digs, and 5 blocks; Ashton Bjork with 44 assists and 11 digs; and Michaela Oesterle with 36 digs.

Coach Miller, who has lead the Lady Dawgs for five years, enthusiastically concluded that, “It was a great season with an unbelievable group of girls. They set goals and were determined to succeed.”

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