Schoolcraft Friends of the Library Announce Tournament of Writers Winners

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Friends and family gathered to honor the winners in the Tournament of Writers at the Schoolcraft Library in December.

By Sue Moore

Nineteen Schoolcraft and Vicksburg writers submitted entries in the first annual Tournament of Writers, sponsored by the Schoolcraft Friends of the Library.  The winners were announced at the Jubilee of Trees celebration in December at the library.

All of the submissions have been gathered in a paperback book called Small Town Anthology which is available at the Schoolcraft library for $5 or on Amazon for $5.99.  The authors have agreed to a book signing event at the library on January 12 from 6 – 7 p.m.  The library will also be scheduling a “buy the book on Kindle” time.  “If enough people buy the book on Kindle in the same hour, we can get the authors on a best sellers list,” according to Deb Christiansen, the contest chair.

grand prize 1
Lois Helland, the grand prize winner in the Tournament of Writers, accepts her prize from Deb Christiansen, the Friends of the Library contest chair. Photo by Bill Christiansen.

Grand prize winner Lois A. Helland wrote a heartwarming story about a dog named Rusty who had grown too infirmed to experience any quality of life and had to be put down.  The judges’ comments included: “Vivid, well-written, and moving.”  “I cried.  I know the feeling.” “Excellent in writing and topic.”  “Very touching.”  “I was holding Rusty with them.  Made me cry.”
All author names were removed before the six judges read the submissions separately, awarding three points for first place, two for second, and one for third.  The grand prize was worth four points.  Each judge ranked the entries first, second, or third place, and used their own criteria in making their selections.

The second annual Tournament of Writers has been scheduled to begin on September 8, 2015.

2014 Tournament of Writers Winners

Teen Fiction
First Place: The Valiant Stallion’s Courageous Rescue by Olivia Stafford
Second Place: The Magic Golden Guy by Elijah Worden
Teen Non-Fiction
First Place: Otis by Rachel Hostetler
Second Place: Evidence for the Worldwide Flood by Olivia Stafford
Adult Poem
First Place: The Headless Horseman by Benjamin Gauthier
Adult Fiction
First Place: Open Your Eyes by Allison Dehart
Second Place: Call of the Void by Jacob Dehart
Adult Non-Fiction
First Place: Caught in the Storm by Patricia A. Wilcox
Second Place: A/C Alternating/Comedy by Benjamin Gauthier
Third Place: Sustainable Schools: Brightening our Children’s Futures by Samantha Hill
Senior Poem
First Place: Autumn 1967 by Linda K. Gage
Second Place: (Tie) Comrade in Arms by Lois A. Helland
Second Place: (Tie) Billy Beer by Marilyn Jones
Third Place: A Salute to our Soldiers by Mark Lego
Senior Fiction
First Place: Conestoga Stowaway by Lois A. Helland
Second Place: Too Bad for Funny Old Grandma by Marilyn Jones
Senior Non-Fiction
First Place: Life Can Be a Difficult Journey by Marilyn Jones
Second Place: Wings like Eagles by Doug Tuttle
Grand Prize: Rusty’s Last Ride by Lois A. Helland

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