Gently Used Clothing Store Opens

still in style
Amanda Garcia with her son Brayden Martin on the left, bring some slightly used clothing in for Megan Peck and her daughter Lucy to purchase.

By Sue Moore

“Still in Style,” is Megan Peck’s choice of a name for her gently used clothing store that opened in February at 625 W. Prairie in Vicksburg. “Awesome prices, and Megan is great,” says customer Jennifer Morrow Storey on the store’s Facebook page.

“I buy right and sell right,” says Peck, who pays cash for used clothing that she sells in her store. “You can make money when you buy an article if you don’t overpay in the beginning,” is her philosophy. “I’ve got a mind like a steel trap and can remember my inventory which is all numbered and accounted for. I look at something and ask myself what I would be willing to pay and still feel good about it when I sell.”

The store’s inventory was collected in one month before opening she says. There were 2,600 items in stock in early February and now there are over 3,500 and growing. She doesn’t have an official return policy but she doesn’t want anybody to be unhappy so she tries to be understanding.

She specializes in children’s clothing and says that newborn to twelve months gently used articles are in great demand. She figures that people don’t want to sell these items as readily as older kids’ clothing because they have an attachment to these first months of the baby’s life.

“I buy and sell most everything in the line of clothing. Adult clothing shows up in prom dresses, jewelry, handbags, and jeans, also at bargain prices,” she says.

She received help from her partner, Mike Braat, who is the business person in the family. “I had a job I really liked and quit to take a chance on Mike’s concept because he was sure it would work. He is so creative and a jack of all trades and can do most anything.” Braat is the owner of Vicksburg Towing. His daughter, Abby, 11, lives with them. The couple’s daughter, Lucy, 4, comes with her mother to the store each day after nursery school. The store is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Phone 269-370-3870.

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