Get in the Game as an Umpire

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Vicksburg Little League teams turned out in force for the 2014 opening day parade.

Vicksburg Little League is seeking umpires to officiate for baseball and softball. Vicksburg has maintained an all volunteer staff of officials since its inception in 1970. The vast majority of those former “Blue” members of the community have moved on.

This year there are nearly 500 participants comprising 40 teams in Vicksburg Little League. Opening day is April 25th. While all of those participants require proper instruction by their managers and coaches on the field of play, there remains a need for individuals with a good rules understanding to administer game rules and establish the conduct of play during those games.

All with a good understanding of the game are encouraged to be part of this experience for kids by contributing an evening or two for the benefit of these young boys and girls as an umpire. A free rules clinic is being offered on April 19th at Main Street Pub from 3 to 5 pm. The clinic is designed to provide an enhanced understanding of game rules and umpire protocol.

Umpire equipment is provided before each game by Vicksburg Little League.

It is by far the greatest seat in the house. And the game, umpires get a free soda and a hot dog.   Contact Joe Pawlak of Vicksburg Little League@ 269-327-9707 for more information.

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