Brady Township Drops 425 Agreement with the Village

vix brady agreement 2
Randy Smith, Brady Township supervisor hands over the paperwork for the village of Vicksburg to own the former Long Branch property to Ken Schippers, village manager and Bill Adams, village president.

By Sue Moore

Property on Spruce Street, east of the Brady Township hall, originally within Vicksburg village limits, was returned to village control by township trustees to enable possible development.

The property, then owned by Gary Gray, had been placed in township control in an intergovernmental “425 agreement” several years ago so Gray could receive Village services such as policing and also be hooked up to village sewer.

But the abandoned property entered foreclosure and reverted to the Kalamazoo County land bank. The village asked the township to cancel the agreement in hopes of selling the property to a developer. Township trustees delayed action from November to December until they learned of the village’s plans, said Randy Smith, township supervisor.

A letter of understanding outlining merits of the transaction was received by the township board from Ken Schippers, the Vicksburg village manager, just in time for the board meeting, Smith said. It agreed that the village would extend a water hookup at no charge to the township hall and the pavilion which is right next door. The village will also agree to any future maintenance for the proposed nature trail that is to wind through the township. This had been foreseen as a possible expense to the township. An easement of the southern portion of the property was granted by the township to run water to the Long Branch so the village can offer utilities to a future developer.

County Treasurer Mary Balkema, administrator of the land bank, has agreed to this arrangement and deeded the Spruce Street property back to the village as of December 2015.

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