Technology Improvements in Schoolcraft

Pictured ledft to right: Ella Luegge, Gabbi Sampley, Addison Haley, Camden Bruner, Cindy Kohl, Malachi Sampley. Jager Luegge, Ryley Brunner, Cassidy Bruner. Photo by Linda Lane.

The STEAM program in Schoolcraft has been awarded a $4,000 Inspired Learning Grant to purchase a 3D printer. The program’s name stands for “Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics”. STEAM teacher, Cindy Kohl shared a video that she produced with her students to apply for the grant; the video placed 3rd and they were awarded $4,000 to be used for technology purchases. The grant was provided by the Learning Network of Greater Kalamazoo.

Students in 2nd and 3rd grades, as well as a pilot 1st grade classroom, will be getting new iPads soon. Every student will receive their own iPad 3 for instruction. Because the newer version of iPad 4 has been released, the Schools have purchased the iPad 3s at a discounted rate which will save the District $21,000 from the amount originally budgeted and approved by the School Board in June.

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