All State Band Selections

zazula & chui
Pictured left to right: Nik Zazula; Keevin O’Neill, high school principal; and Nathaniel Chiu.

Nikolas Zazula, Jr. on the left and Nathaniel Chiu on the right were honored by the Vicksburg school board for their accomplishments in music at the board’s recent meeting. High school principal Keevin O’Neill, in the middle, proudly presented their accomplishments, saying they have earned an incredible honor.

As a drummer, Zazula has been selected for the all-state jazz band which includes 20 students from high school jazz bands throughout the state. He is the only drummer selected. He was honored in 2015 when the Western Jazz Quartet played a concert at the performing arts center (PAC) in September by participating with the group and playing a solo.

Chiu, who plays trombone, was chosen for his second year in the all-state orchestra. Out of 95 students, Nathaniel ranked third in the state with his proficiency.

Skip Knowles, school board president, told the two how proud he is of their accomplishments. “Music is a big part of the school experience in Vicksburg.” Ken Zazula, Nikolas’ father, thanked the board for his children’s experience in the Vicksburg school system. “We have been here for five years while employed by Stryker. We chose Vicksburg for its combination of academics and extra-curricular activities. It’s been a great experience for our family.”

Zazuka 1
Nik Zazula plays drums when the Western Jazz Quartet performed at the PAC in Vicksburg.

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