Schoolcraft Library Gets Memorial Donation

librarybookThe Schoolcraft Community Library received $1,500 in donations in the name of Carol Kendall after she passed away in the fall of 2015. Her husband, Charlie Kendall, asked that $500 go to children’s books including fiction and non-fiction, according to Faye VanRavenswaay, library director.

“We were able to purchase 38 books and each one has a memorial plate put inside the cover indicating that it is dedicated to Carol Kendall. Right now, many of them are on display in our new books area. These materials are a fine addition to the children’s collection,” she said.

“Anyone can make a memorial donation to honor a loved one and restrict it to a particular type of book or material,” VanRavenswaay said. “If a gift is not restricted, it typically goes into the general fund and is often put to use later for special projects. It all adds up, so it is great to have any kind of donations to help us meet expenses.”

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