Battle of the Books Winners

book catchersAnd the winning team in the Battle of the Books was the Book Catchers from Sunset Lake Elementary in Vicksburg. Molly Young, Cassie Chang, Morgan Zagar, Tyler Fenwick, Clara Centofanti, Aiden Flinton. Their coaches were Tamara Young, Alicia Zagar and Laura Chang.

There were 35 teams of 223 students from Schoolcraft, Vicksburg and Parchment schools competing for the top prize. “It is a day filled with energy, excitement and knowledge and it’s all about books,” says Faye VanRavenswaay, Schoolcraft director, which is the sponsoring entity. “The students have read a list of 12 pre-selected books. They come to ‘Battle Day’ to answer questions and accrue points. They are coached by parents, grandparents, teachers and even former ‘battlers’.”

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