Speakeasy Fundraiser Features Flapper Era Costumes

By Linda Lane

“I love this town! I’d do anything to help out, I’d just do anything for Vicksburg!” Linda Brenton exclaimed while a live jazz quintet cranked out beautiful music. Festooned in gorgeous “flapper” gowns of the 1920s and matching headbands, a table of six women, including Brenton, smiled while celebrating at Vicksburg Downtown Development Authority’s (DDA) “Speakeasy” Fundraiser last month.

Vicksburg High School’s band director, Ben Rosier, created the festive atmosphere playing live jazz with four students from the Top Dawg Jazz Band: Hannah Tatay, Christian Glascock, Nik Zazula, and Clayton DeVries. Several area dance instructors were on-hand demonstrating dances from the 1920s era.

Bill and Carol Adams, and Michelle Morgan cashed in nicely at the blackjack table; Matt and Keesha Shankle and Keith and Connie Olsen were sweeping the craps table. The gambling chips were converted into paper dollars and names were drawn for an iPad mini, a basket of gift certificates for local stores and restaurants, a golf pass for four at Angels Crossing and a Speakeasy recipe book with a bottle of liquor.

While the event didn’t draw the several hundred attendees the organizers had hoped for, those who came out for the evening donated to help build some of the DDA’s projects. These include further trail development, Liberty Lane East renovation, Clark Park promenade, parking lots rebuilding, and streetscape plans for downtown. The final tally for the Fundraiser wasn’t yet available, according to Donna Cratsenburg-Scott, as donations will continue to be raised through the Vicksburg Village’s website. People can still donate to help fund the DDA’s projects by visiting the site: patronicity.com/project/liberty_lane_east#/

“I bought a new dress for the event! I’ve just gotta remember not to bend over in it, as I fear it is a bit too short!” exclaimed Kristina Powers Aubrey, co-chair of the overall Vision Campaign.

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