Tim Fuller Heads up Performing Arts Center

Tim FullerBy Sue Moore

“Tim Fuller designs, builds and paints all the sets, manages the sound and lights and coordinates all the musical groups, even the Gilmore keyboard artists. He makes sure the grand piano is in tune and promotes community events that use the Performing Arts Center (PAC).

“You should write a story about him as I think his role is unique and interesting,” said Susan Miller, the publicity chairperson for the Vicksburg Performing Arts Center.

“He is always working behind the scenes and really doesn’t get much recognition. I know his budget is small and he has to get donors and advertisers for the programs. I think he could use some publicity for the PAC because it is such a big part of our community. My two cents for what it’s worth,” Miller wrote from Pfizer Corp., where she works.

The Vicksburg School Board agreed with that assessment when he gave his annual report on the progress being made at the PAC over the last year. They gave approval for replacing one third of the stage lighting system that’s used the most and the dimming system that is 20-plus years old. “There are 250 electrical outlets that suffer wear and tear of plugging and unplugging for each event. We want to upgrade our headset communication too. It’s a challenge to keep it all running like new. Our programs are growing. The community and school groups use it constantly. We are lucky to have this facility,” he told the board.

“For instance the Gilmore Family concerts which we are honored to present, are perfect for all ages. They are good for adults and little ones alike. It’s really great music. With the Gilmore Young Artist series, you can see rising stars in the piano world, right here on our stage. It is amazing to see that kind of talent, at such a young age,” Fuller exclaimed.

Skip Knowles, school board president, acknowledged the role the facility plays in education by thanking Fuller for the number of kids in the arts that he oversees. “It’s one giant classroom for the arts in our community.”

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