Arts Center Takes Charge of the Art Stroll in Vicksburg

By Leigh Fryling

Downtown Vicksburg will be lighting up with art, music and summer sunshine Saturday, August 27 from 6 -9 p.m. In the style of the Kalamazoo Art Hop, the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center (VCAC) has invited 15 businesses and more than 40 local artists and musicians to celebrate the end of summer with displays of their work and a series of mini concerts scattered all over town.

The Stroll begins at the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center, 200 S. Main Street, where patrons can pick up a brochure outlining the Art Stroll locations and identifying the artists and musicians. Each location will feature either a local artist displaying work, a local musician showcasing music or in many instances both. The brochure will contain information about special features at various locations, such as drink and food specials, discounts and more. Locations will also be indicated by sandwich boards and balloons, so patrons can easily see where the Art Stroll path will lead them next.

The VCAC is also featuring a special program, Children’s Art Purchase Program (CAPP). Children 15 and under will be able to purchase for themselves a work of art from participating artists for less than $10. Some works will be available for under $5! This program gives children the opportunity to engage with artists, learn about art forms and establish their own private collection of art.

Patrons are welcome to take their time visiting each location, and to finish the Stroll in as much or little time as they like. Dessert and beverages will be available at the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center, but everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the local pubs and restaurants as part of the experience. With a wide variety of artists and musicians and a pleasant stroll in downtown Vicksburg, the Summer Art Stroll is sure to become a summertime staple in the Vicksburg calendar, according to Syd Bastos, the event coordinator and operations manager of the VCAC.

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