Recycling Drop Off at Schoolcraft Township Hall

Electronics recycling will again take place at Schoolcraft Township Hall on October 8 from 9 a.m. to noon. This is the third year and Susan Sonday, the president of Emerald eCycling, LLC, indicates they are still getting lots of interest in residents of the South County area needing a place to drop off unwanted electronic materials.

“People still haven’t gotten rid of everything. I think the amount of electronics dropped off is much more related to the weather, other activities that coincidentally fall on the same day, and effectiveness of our getting the word out. We do a lot of pickups throughout the year down in the Vicksburg area, so I know there is still a lot of stuff out there,” Sonday said.

“The stream of products we see evolves over time, and the trend is for people to have more electronic devices (the EPA says the average US home has 22 electronic devices, and I think this is low) but they are smaller than they were even a few years ago.   So the overall weight of the waste stream is decreasing while complexity is increasing,” she said.

“One example: Three years ago, most of the computers we collected were large desktops and we got only a few laptops and no tablets. Now we see mostly laptop computers, along with a few tablets.  Note that we still can’t recycle televisions, and we still charge a fee to recycle CRT monitors,” Sonday pointed out.

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