Possible SAC Shake-Up

By Travis Smola

In a move that may affect Schoolcraft athletics, six schools have announced they may be leaving the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SAC) in the following statement sent to other schools in the conference.

“Six SAC schools have announced to the remaining SAC schools that they may be leaving the conference after the 2016-17 school year.  The six schools, Hartford, Eau Claire, Decatur, Bangor, Marcellus, and Bloomingdale have until December 1 to submit an official letter of withdrawal or indicate they are not leaving.  The remaining SAC schools will continue to function as a conference of 14, creating schedules that work best within the geography of those schools.  There are no plans at this time to invite or include other schools from other conferences to join the SAC.”

Further details and comment from Schoolcraft athletic director Jeffery Clark on this possibility were not available as this issue went to press. It will remain to be seen how this development may affect Eagles athletics in the future.

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