Schoolcraft Co-op Preschool Opens Enrollment

schoolcraft preschool
Schoolcraft Preschool teacher Darcy Bolles, with children in the afternoon four-year old classroom. From left to right front row: Vyvian, Clara, Hallie and Brianna, From left to right back row: Bolles, Jemma, William and Caden.

By Sue Moore

In Schoolcraft there are three choices for preschool care for three and four-year-olds. Besides the recently opened Little Eagles Learning Center, there is the co-op preschool in the Presbyterian Church’s Westminster Hall. It is taught by Darcy Bolles, who was a student there when she was little. “This is an example of the circle of life, to be back teaching,” she said.

For four-year-old children the preschool offers half or full-day care on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday it is open to three-year-olds. Since the school is a co-op, it requires that a family member be involved as a volunteer a few days a month. Parents who work full-time can pay extra or send a grandparent. Open enrollment began on March 1 for up to 18 kids under the current licensing with the state.

“Our parents are amazed at what the kids are learning. We have a theme for the week or month to get them ready for kindergarten. It’s a fun learning environment,” Bolles said. “When I taught school in Florida for eight years, they just gave me kids. Here they come because they want to learn and play.”

There is always a need for fundraising. To that end, the preschool has scheduled a carnival and silent auction at the Krum Center from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, April 22, with the parents immersed in the planning of the event. There will be games, bounce house, photo booth, food, bake sale, face painting and the auction. Tickets cost 50 cents. This is another circle of life for Bolles. She is the granddaughter of Ken Krum, for whom the building is named.

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