Duck Derby Takes Place in Clark Park

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Kim Kline releases hundreds of rubber ducks downstream in Clark Park for the Duck Derby.

By Sue Moore

Everybody loves a race, even if it is just for little rubber duckies, says Kim Klein. She is the energizer behind the fundraiser for the Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation’s (VCSF) annual duck race in Clark Park during the Old Car Festival.

“This is a game of chance,” says Klein. These ducks get an equal start at the top of the creek’s bridge. What makes for a winner is not getting snagged up in the weeds, the rocks or the logs that float in the mill race. Those that make it to the finish line are pushed along by the stream’s current and can provide a $100 bill to the winner.

The proceeds go toward the Foundation’s activities. These include college scholarships, Bardeen grants given to teachers for special projects, a curiosity grant for students and financial support for programs and specialized equipment at all grade levels, said Brett Grossman, president of VCSF.

Chances to win cost $5 each and are available from any member of the Foundation, by calling Amy Manchester at 321-1006 or on race day before the start of the race at noon in Clark Park. Students at the elementary schools have a contest to see who can sell the most tickets. The winning classroom is treated to ice cream sundaes on the last day of school in June.

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