Schoolcraft Class of 2017 Donates to Eagles Nest

Project Graduation donation 2
From left to right: Volunteer Jolie Warnaar, students Jared Lynch, Emily Williams, Morgan Warnaar, Chrissy Winkel and volunteer Megan Walsh.

By Brian Freiberger

The class of 2017 at Schoolcraft High School donated $1,000 each to two nonprofit organizations which help underprivileged and special needs students in the district. It also left behind a contribution to the class of 2018.

One of the two contributions went to the Schoolcraft Friday Pack, which provides underprivileged children with weekend meals and snacks during the school year. The president of Schoolcraft Friday Pack, Jolie Warnaar, said that the donation will feed up to 72 children for three months.

The second $1,000 donation went to Common Bond, a program in which students spend time with special needs children, hanging out and doing fun activities. “If they need help they know that they can come to us,” said Megan Warnaar, a 2017 Schoolcraft graduate, about the importance of Common Bond.

The contributions came from funds left over from Project Graduation, a fundraiser that allows graduating seniors to have an exciting activity at the end of their senior year. This year’s class raised $17,000, and rented two charter buses to spend the day at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio.

Classes typically raise between $15,000 and $23,000 each year, according to Warnaar. “They knew that they would have some money left over. Instead of raffling off prizes to give to students as in years past, the class decided to donate the money.”

The class of 2017 also left $1,500 for the class of 2018, “My goal for them next year is to continue to do something charitable. That’s why I think it is important,” said Warnaar.

Schoolcraft graduates Chrissy Winkel, Macayla Rhoda, Emily Williams, Morgan Warnaar and Jared Lynch represented the class of 2017 when the checks were presented. “Hopefully by donating this money, we are giving an example for the classes below us,” said Lynch.

“It’s a heart-warming and great accomplishment for the class of 2017,” said the students.

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