A Letter to South County From Our Summer Intern

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Brian Freiberger at the Fulton Memorial Day parade.

By Brian Freiberger

Ever wonder how we end up where we are right now?

I think that every day because six months ago, I would have never guessed I would be spending my summer writing for the South County News, just from a simple hand-shake and hello.

It was late January at the Michigan Press Association Convention in Grand Rapids. While listening to a lecture about digital media, I peeked behind my shoulder and saw a silver haired woman whom I didn’t know at the time. I’m normally a reserved person who doesn’t speak to a lot of people, but I decided to go introduce myself to her. She turned out to be Sue Moore. Little did I know that five-minute conversation would lead me on a three-month adventure that would shape me as a person and as a journalist.

The conversation with Sue led to my arrival in Vicksburg as an intern for the newspaper.

For the first time in my life I lived on my own hours away from family and friends in a foreign place where I knew absolutely no one. When I arrived, I was welcomed with kindness and open arms from the community.

I’m from the village of Onsted in Lenawee County, but I never learned how it operated until I came here. I’ve covered village council, school board and other various meetings. It has been an eye-opening experience to see how decisions are made that affect a community. Sometimes these meetings are boring, but the people who are in these positions invest hundreds of hours serving the community. I recommend that people attend these meetings, and see how you can help the community in a positive way.

One thing about both communities that stood out to me the most is the amount of volunteering that occurs. I believe these communities are special because of the selflessness from people not caring who gets the credit, but ready to sacrifice for the betterment of the community.

I don’t know where this road we call life is taking me, but I see myself in a few short years working for a media publication traveling the world writing and photographing what I see. Although there are many steps that follow this, South County has shown me what it takes to be a quality journalist in today’s world.

But for now, I’m going back to Olivet College to apply what I’ve learned here on the journalism craft. I have another immediate goal – to help my team capture a third consecutive Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association football championship.

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