Pet Adoption Day at the Vicksburg District Library

By Eric Hansen

Adopting a pet can be a lifesaver; the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue (KAR) receives countless correspondence to show that. An example is the story of Chester and Stinky related on the agency’s website. Tracy D. explains the devastation of losing her long-term cat companion, followed by the comfort she received after adopting kitties named Chester and Stinky.

The cat she lost had been hers since the blizzard of 2011. But last year, during the holidays, the creature received a diagnosis of mouth cancer and had to be euthanized before Christmas. Tracy was devastated, followed by terrific emptiness. She was hesitant to find another pet. But advice of her friends prevailed and she chose to adopt. Tracy felt this would improve an animal’s life and soothe the loss of her beloved pet.

Then she found Chester and Stinky. “Although we are reminded every day of our old buddy, we are forever grateful for our two new guys,” she said. “They have filled our lives with so much love and laughter, and in the process, have helped soften the blow from our loss. . . I have nothing but great things to say about KAR! As a devout animal lover, I’m glad that they try not to turn away or put down any animal.”

From 1-4 p.m. Saturday, October 7, the Vicksburg District Library will host a pet adoption day in cooperation with Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. The agency will bring kittens, adult cats, and dogs to this library. Treat bags for pets will also be available courtesy of the P.E.T. Emporium in downtown Vicksburg.

If you are certain that you would like to adopt a furry friend, consider visiting the KAR website at to view the available pets. Each listing includes photos and describes the animal’s history, how it responds to children or other pets,and any special health needs it has. When you visit the site, you might also read the section titled, “Happy Tails” for more stories of successful adoptions.

There is a specific application listed under each pet’s listing to streamline the adoption process. There is also a general application for each category of animal. This allows an adopter to complete a phase of this process, but then meet each pet to learn if there is a connection between the animal and the family. Any patrons who want assistance finding the applications on the website should visit the library and ask for assistance.

Costs associated with adopting a dog range from approximately $150 to $275. The fees associated with adopting cats varies from $30 to $60, and the fee for kittens is typically $120. There is a discount for adopting more than one cat or kitten.

If permanent adoption is not an option for a family or individual, consider other ways to help the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. It is seeking people who want to foster animals temporarily, who can help with adoption events or who can donate funds or offer other assistance. More information is also available by “Liking” the K.A.R.’s Facebook page where it provide regular updates about fundraisers, health and safety tips regarding pets and new photos of pets that become available.

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