Vicksburg Alumni Breakfast

vix alumni
Vicksburg High School alumni members gather each year for a breakfast and lots of remembrances.

For 40 years or more, the proud graduates of Vicksburg High School who graduated 50 years ago or more, have gathered as a huge group for breakfast and chatter at the Lions Club B & B tent or Pavilion. It’s a good time for old friends and classmates to catch up on each others’ lives, especially the class celebrating its 50-year reunion. The oldest graduate, Ann Linton, passed away this spring at 107.

The event for hundreds of alumni is organized by the previous year’s graduating class. It begins at 9 a.m. at the community Pavilion and usually lasts until 11 a.m., when the B & B opens for lunch guests.

Pam Minarik of Three Rivers is the point person for the class of 1967 that is responsible for notifying graduates and accepting reservations for the breakfast. It costs $14 if paid in advance and $17 on Saturday, July 27 at the sign-in table for the breakfast. It has been catered for many years by a company in Paw Paw.

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