School Board Congratulates Clay Trap Shooting Team

vix school bd & clay trap shooters
The Vicksburg High School Clay Target Shooting team members were honored by the Vicksburg School Board at its monthly meeting in August.

By Sue Moore

The fastest growing high school sport in Michigan is clay trap shooting, according to Kip Young, who coaches Vicksburg’s club team.The Vicksburg School Board at its recent meeting honored the team, which finished 40th out of 180 competing at national finals in July. It will become a varsity sport in the spring of 2019, Athletic Director Mike Roy has said.

According to Neil Kreamalmeyer, “The school’s trapshooting has opened new doors for students, opened the eyes of parents in educating them of the opportunities the shooting industry has to offer student shooters. The sport brings closer family involvement, creating a positive atmosphere in encouraging their children in trapshooting competitive endeavors.”

In other business, Superintendent Keevin O’Neill announced that 218 students have registered for kindergarten and B-K who would graduate in the year 2031. This is close to the number of students who graduated in the class of 2018. About 14 percent of the new enrollment is coming from outside the district.

Vicksburg’s sex education classes go back to the 1980s with the state requiring a two-year plan for its Human Growth and Development program. Dennis Kirby, middle school assistant principal, was handed the job of chairing a committee in 2016 “with a goal of educating and changing behavior in a positive way to meet the reproductive health challenges of the future,” he told the board.

“We teach about AIDS/HIV, sex education and notify parents that they can observe or opt out. The committee’s concentration on the curriculum was centered on the elementary schools,” he said. “The main goal was to make sure there was consistency between the buildings in fourth and fifth grades and expand on what is taught to include three sessions at each of the grade levels during the year. We want to concentrate on the whole child with social and emotional pieces, not just the anatomy.”

Trustee Tina Forsyth questioned Kirby on how LBGT discussions are handled. “It’s not been brought up as yet,” Kirby answered. “We have guidelines from the state but not mandates.” Trustee Carol Lohman asked if the school should consider being pro-active on the subject. “We need to have a plan if it does come up.”

Trustee David Schriemer suggested focusing on healthy relationships. “This is like walking on eggshells. As a doctor, I’ve witnessed the abuse of power that can go on in a relationship that is manipulative. We need to show what a good loving relationship can be.”

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