VCAC Destination Series Keeps On Traveling

By Sue Moore

Ukraine, Ireland, rural America and Italy have been hot spots on the travel calendar for the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center. On Sept. 22 it plans to take an audience to Scandinavia for afternoon coffee at Main Street Pub Banquet room at from 3-5:30 p.m. The goal is to celebrate the region’s arts, culture and food.

The traditional coffee will feature a menu of Scandinavian favorites, savory and sweet. “We are having an entertaining afternoon planned, including national costumes, a make-and-take craft, art and Scandinavian humor,” said Syd Bastos, executive director of the Cultural Arts Center.

Ole and Lena are the names of the characters central to jokes by Scandinavian Americans, particularly in the Midwest. Kathleen Propp and Annette Hamel are professionals who imitate the fun stories of folks who immigrated from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Holly Jensen will direct the craft activity, a woven heart. Costumes, art and artifacts will be from the collections of Jensen, members of the Vasa Order of America and Sons of Norway groups.

The Destination Scandinavia, “Traditions Frozen in Time” and all the other Destination Series locations are the brain child of Syd Bastos, executive director of the Cultural Arts Center and Lisa Beams, the gallery manager who assists in many ways to make these events popular. She recently returned from a trip to Sweden and wanted to bring that bit of culture to Vicksburg.

Tickets are $20, available online at or by calling (269) 200-2223. The Center is asking people to please reserve by Monday, September 17 to plan food accordingly.

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